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Estate Planning

Planning for your future isn’t just about securing your assets and keeping the wealth you worked your entire life within your family. It’s about securing the well-being of your family and loved ones. At Law Office Of Aurelio Garza, we’ve designed our estate planning services with this as the end goal, empowering you to navigate all of the complexities associated with managing your wealth and distributing an inheritance so your wishes are honored – and so your loved ones can focus on what truly matters. Based in McAllen, Texas, the entire team at our estate planning law firm knows what holds the most significance to Southern Texans and their families.

Our Estate Planning Services

Our experienced estate planning lawyers serve you across several types of estate planning cases and situations, working to not only improve you and your loved one’s future, but even your life in the here and now.

Drafting Documents

Preparing documents plays a major role in planning your estate. Minor mistakes can have serious consequences on your estate and your loved one’s ability to access it. We steer you in the right direction by drafting documents that honor your wishes without compromising compliance with the law, namely wills, trusts, and powers of attorney.

Writing Trusts

Our team will help you tap into the power of a trust. Trusts help manage and protect your assets in distinct ways from wills. Revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, and others can all serve to position you in the best way possible while minimizing tax liability and fostering a seamless transfer of your assets to your beneficiaries.

Developing Wills

A will holds immense power in your estate planning portfolio. It is a legally binding document that clearly articulates your wishes regarding the distribution of your assets. We get to know you, your situation, and your goals to prepare the most accurate and effective will we can.

Initiating Power of Attorney
Initiating Power of Attorney

Life happens. When it does and leaves you unable to communicate, a power of attorney is your key to maintaining control. We counsel you regarding who to appoint as your power of attorney, ensuring they have your best interest at heart, authorizing them to make decisions pertaining to your finances and healthcare when you cannot convey your wishes on your own.

Creating Healthcare Directives

Estate planning has implications beyond just your finances, encompassing your health as well. When you need a lawyer for preparing estate planning documents relevant to healthcare matters, we have you covered. We draft living wills and durable powers of attorney, among others.

Estate Administration

In the event a loved one passes on, one of our estate planning lawyers will guide you through the probate or estate administration process. This is a very tricky area to navigate on your own, but with us, it frees you up to honor your loved one, dedicating the time and emotional focus needed to do so.

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