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Guardianship Law

Guardianship is a mechanism that enables people to care for and protect others who may not be able to do so themselves. Whether due to mental or physical disability or incapacity suffered from an accident, why exactly the individual in question cannot make decisions on their own is largely irrelevant in the eyes of the law. Guardianship can even be applied to minors, who are not yet legally eligible to make decisions in certain contexts.

A guardian is an individual or entity who is legally recognized to make decisions on behalf of an individual in question so that they can manage their personal affairs. These affairs can range from financial decisions, whether managing personal savings or investing in securities, to health decisions and even matters pertaining to their residence.

Our Guardianship Services

  • Establishing A Guardianship: When you are in a position that requires you to establish guardianship, our team of guardianship lawyers based in McAllen, TX, has you covered. With our experience, you’ll have a trusted guide through the entire process. The end result? You have the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what you are getting into and precisely what is happening as it unfolds.
  • We prepare all relevant and necessary documents for you, ensuring no errors are made, saving you time and precious money in penalty fees. Our special needs guardianship attorneys can even assist you in setting up a very specific guardianship for your loved one with unique needs.
  • Modifying An Existing Guardianship: Life happens – and sometimes unexpected life changes will require you to modify an existing guardianship. Fortunately, you won’t have a thing to worry about with our guardianship and custody lawyers on your side. Regardless of your circumstances, whether an untimely and heartbreaking death, divorce, or crippling medical condition, we diagnose your exact situation and amend your existing guardianship to adapt to your new situation.

  • Managing Guardianship Disputes: When disputes surrounding an existing guardianship arise, we tend to favor moving in the direction of resolution through negotiation or mediation if at all possible. When this proves unlikely or impossible, our guardianship litigation lawyers take the reins and advocate for the best interest of the individual the guardianship is designed to protect. We have plenty of experience litigating these cases, helping you feel at ease during even the most fierce altercations.

  • Ending A Guardianship: Terminating an adult guardianship can be an incredibly complex task. However, if your legal provisions are no longer suitable for the people you care about, we’re ready to help. No matter the situation, our experience means you can rest assured this will be handled without having to worry one bit.

  • And More…

Get Started Today!

In a situation not outlined here? Not a problem! With our experience and knowledge of the law, we can tailor our services to meet a niche situation you may find yourself in. If you are in Southern Texas and facing a situation where guardianship may be the solution, contact us today. We will listen to your story during your consultation and immediately begin to develop a strategy to meet your needs.

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