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Wills make up a significant part of any estate planning portfolio. They allow you to determine how your assets and possessions will be distributed after you pass away. Important as wills are, they are only a means to an end – securing your legacy and financially caring for your loved ones, even from the grave. We at the Law Office Of Aurelio Garza PLLC know this full well and have structured our wills services so that it is as easy for you as possible to navigate this area of the law. Based in McAllen, Texas, we know what most Southern Texans need when it comes to wills and managing their estate.

Key Benefits Of A Will

Our wills and estates lawyers know the full range of all a will can do for you. Not commonly known, wills can do the following for you:

Distribute Assets

With a will, you can specify how you want your assets, namely real estate property, savings, retirement accounts, and other belongings you have that may be valuable, to be distributed. This is crucial because, without a will in place, you run the risk of your assets not only being distributed in this manner but also costing your loved ones more time and money to receive what would otherwise be distributed essentially seamlessly. In instances where a dispute arises pertaining to your assets, our contested wills attorney steps in to ensure matters are resolved in a way you would have hoped or, in worst-case scenarios, are fair to all parties involved.

Guide Guardianship

Wills can also have implications for matters of guardianship, enabling you to appoint them for children who are minors or other dependents. This serves to extend your case for them even beyond your passing. This is especially important for beneficiaries who may be disabled and unable to manage things on their own.

Appoint Executors

Appoint Executors

An executor may be irreplaceable in your situation, as they can handle managing an estate, including taking care of aspects of distributing your assets, paying any debt, and acting on your behalf in legal proceedings like wills and trusts lawsuits. An experienced wills attorney from our law firm will help you determine who may be a good candidate to serve as your executor should you decide having one is the route you want to take.

Find Peace Of Mind

The period of time after losing a loved one is challenging in countless ways. Although we can’t address all of these challenges, our team aims to prevent as many unnecessary tie-ups in the legal process for your loved ones as possible. We draft wills that clearly convey what you wish that are in full compliance with the law, steering your loved ones clear of unnecessary proceedings and disputes.

Take the necessary action today that will ensure that not only your legacy lives on but your loved ones are taken care of as you want. Contact us today and schedule a consultation. Our team will get to know you, your situation, and your goals. From there, we will immediately begin crafting a will that addresses all of your concerns and puts you and your loved one at ease.

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