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Small Business Law

Starting and running a small business in Southern Texas is an exhilarating journey filled with a tremendous sense of joy that comes from the accomplishments and success stories along the way – as well as incredible challenges. Among these challenges are the many legal realities that can be a weight tied around your foot, slowing you down and perhaps even bringing you to a complete stop.

This legal burden should not be a roadblock to your success. Partnering with us means it won’t be. Based in McAllen, TX, we know the unique needs small business owners in Southern Texas have. Our small business lawyers have a rich background in the area with years of serving it. On top of this, we know the law, so the key you need to remove the weight that’s slowing your business down.

Our Small Business Services

  • Entity Formation: When starting your business, it’s vital you select the business structure that will best align with the needs of the business you have in mind. We understand the nuances of each structure and can guide you in choosing the one that will do just that. Setting you up for success is the name of the game for us here.
  • Contracts: We make every effort to steer you clear of violating or breaching contracts you’ve entered into. We take a preventative approach by drafting contracts – whether client agreements, vendor contracts, or partnership agreements – that are precise and breaking them down to you in simple terms so you fully understand them.
  • Employee Compliance: Having a solid group of employees working for you is critical to the success of your business. What’s equally important is ensuring you are compliant with regard to federal and state employee law. We ensure you are, helping you prepare relevant HR material, employee contracts, and company-wide policy as necessary. When issues with employees arise, our small business dispute attorneys help you see justice served in employment law court.
  • Intellectual Property: We help you secure your intellectual property so your business can protect its innovations and ticket to success. Whether a trademark, copyright, or licensing agreement, we have the knowledge you need to see it come to fruition.
  • Mergers And Acquisitions: Mergers and acquisitions can be a minefield to navigate. With our team by your side, you don’t have to worry about this since it won’t be! Our support in the area ranges from due diligence that can help you uncover issues far in advance to ensuring you remain compliant with the law as the process unfolds.
  • Business Disputes: Disputes can happen for as many reasons as there are businesses, industries, and operational crossroads. Whether you find yourself facing a potential small business lawsuit or are just in the earliest stages of dealing with disagreements regarding a contract with your vendors, our small business litigation attorneys are prepared to step in and ensure you get the best legal representation available to you.
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As an entrepreneur, you deserve to work with a legal team who is as committed to success as you are. Fortunately, at The Law Office Of Aurelio Garza PLLC, you’ll find just that. Our team is committed to supporting businesses across industries to thrive by offering robust legal counsel and representation at every stage of your venture’s growth. What’s more, our experience and abilities aren’t limited to what’s on this page – we can use a range of strategies to adapt to your unique needs. So don’t wait, contact us today to learn more about how we can help your small business thrive.

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